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This website gives you more background information on our Leadership Journey to South Africa.

Goals of the Leadership Journey

The primary objective of this program is to foster insights into your style of leadership and the styles of others and
to investigate the personal and cultural principles which underpin leadership styles.

Questions and issues which interest us include:

What does leadership and sustainable change mean for you?

What would sustainable leadership involve for your organization?

Describe your potential change strategy

Gerald Wijnen

It opened my eyes and my world. It has changed my way of thinking. I started looking at my job, my family and myself in a new and different way. It was a very emotional experience that I was able to allow myself.

Gerald WijnenFounder and owner Hoveniersbedrijf Wijnen Tuinen

4 ingredients: what are we going to do:

Make acquaintance with the land, a land of extremes.

  • Leadership trail in an area with the big 5 in the Pilanesberg area

  • We contribute to entrepreneurship and leadership in a social project: the Mamelodi project

  • We zoom in on history, on the present and the future

  • Visit 3 cities: Johannesburg (Jo’burg or Jozi), Pretoria (now called Tshwane) and Cape town (also known as iKapa)